Kyrck Productions & Armour were founded in the year 2001 in Athens by Ioannis Alexandros Mantzoros. The label's original purpose was to provide a platform for local bands including Nocternity, Mournblade, and Kawir. In 2005, Kyrck Productions expanded internationally by re-releasing two early demos of Norwegian black metal act Manes. This was the beginning of a specialisation that resulted in the reissue of ground-breaking works from genre-shaping bands such as In The Woods, Thorns, Strid, Ved Buens Ende, Ulver, Limbonic Art, Fester, Arcturus, Rotting Christ among others. Apart from the music, Kyrk also engaged in the production and selling of replicas of antique armour.
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SPKR ist ein vielfältiges, unabhängiges Medienunternehmen, das sich auf die Entdeckung und Vervielfältigung, den Vertrieb und die Präsentation hochwertiger Musik und Kunst versteht.